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Introducing EcomSolid’s Referral Plan

Dear users,

It’s with great pleasure that today we are announcing the release of our Referral Program!

It’s been a great and thrilling year developing EcomSolid and adding new features based on your feedback and expectations. Today, the release of our referral program marks the beginning of an exciting adventure.

We’d love for you to be a part of EcomSolid & its growing community by becoming one of the main actors in this growth and enjoying useful and game-changing rewards to bring you even more income in the future. 

The way it works is pretty simple. Just log in to and you can see a new “Earn Rewards” section on our dashboard at the bottom-left corner. Click on it and you will access your Referral dashboard, where you can find:

  • The referral link to be shared with your friends
  • The status of your referral achievements
  • A section with all the rewards you can get by completing all of our tier and where you can claim the ones you already earned

Start referring your friends today

What are the rewards for our referral plan? 

In order to successfully refer a user and claim your rewards, your referee must be qualified. In order to be considered as qualified, we require him to be subscribed to a Shopify paid plan. 

Tier 1 (refer 1 of your friend to EcomSolid)

  • An additional 10 days free trial
  • 10% off on our Professional or Premium plan
  • Our 7 Customer Service Email Templates
  • Our 3 tips to reduce your Paypal disputes

Tier 2 (refer 2 of your friends to EcomSolid)

  • + 10 days free trial
  • 20% off on our Professional or Premium plan
  • 5 Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Templates
  • Store Review

Tier 3 (refer 5 of your friends to EcomSolid)

  • 30% off on our Professional or Premium plan
  • Unlock priority support
  • 1 Custom Task

Tier 4 (refer 10 of your friends to EcomSolid)

  • 50% off on our Professional or Premium plan
  • Unlock Account manager
  • 2 Custom Tasks

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