Is EcomSolid Premium plan right for you?

At EcomSolid, we frequently receive questions from you guys on whether you should go for an EcomSolid Professional or an EcomSolid Premium plan.

The distinctions aren’t always made clear, so in this article, we will introduce the benefits that you can expect from a Premium plan and help you decide if it is right for your business.

The premium experience

As its name suggests, our Professional plan offers most of the advanced features.

However, there is still more we can offer to sellers looking for a more personal touch.

Imagine if you have a dedicated team working to support you and your website. All of your questions and support requests will be prioritized and answered by a dedicated team ahead of other requests, ensuring your website will run as smoothly as possible.

That is what the Premium plan promises.

Even more importantly, our product team will be working directly with you to design up to 3 sections on your page to your liking.

This means that you will have your website look exactly like how you want, and chances are there won’t be a second Shopify store like yours.

Such differences might be what convert your customers and keep them coming back.

Plus all benefits of the Professional plan

Here’s a list of our advanced features, all of which are included in the Premium plan with the goal to help you build the best-looking Shopify store:

  • Freedom to customize any sections: With the paid-only Section Designs feature, you can tweak even the most intricate details, like adding animated effects, turning on and off floating sections, increasing or decreasing spacings, etc.
  • Premium templates optimized for conversions: These templates are professionally made with conversions in mind, through a deep understanding of web designs and customer behaviours.
  • Add-ons specialized for boosting sales: The Upsell Quantity Discount and Frequently Bought Together addons are there to encourage customers to purchase more, thereby increase your revenue without you having to spend extra money on new customers.
  • Page Builder for up to 40 pages: With the Premium plan, you can build 40 pages using the Page Builder feature (the Professional plan is capped at 20 pages).

When you should consider the EcomSolid Premium plan

As you can see, the premium experience that we’re bringing to you is not simply for comfort but will actually put you ahead of competition.

All in all, consider going with our Premium plan if:

  • You want timely dedicated support ensuring the smoothest operation of your website.
  • You want a unique-looking website with sections customized just for you, putting you ahead of all competition.
  • You want access to our most optimized premium templates and addons to help boost sales.

If that sounds like you, go here and grab yourself a EcomSolid Premium plan now!



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By Dang Dang Truong

He has spent the last 3 years researching the ecommerce industry and helping merchants launching their online businesses. He is obsessed with data and lets it drives how he does ecommerce and content creation.

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