New Banner Section Released on EcomSolid

Only available on the premium plan, this banner section gives you small insights into the future of EcomSolid and what we have planned for you. 

Where to find it?

Step 1: Open the Library in EcomSolid

Step 2: Make sure you are on the Sections tab and locate the Banner filter on the left sidebar. 

Step 3: Scroll down until you find our new Banner. It is easily recognizable with its “PRO” badge on the top right. 

Step 4: Click on insert and you are ready to configure it!

New Banner Released on EcomSolid
Skyrocket your sales to higher levels with Ecomsolid

All the new features included

  • Smart Buttons
    • Our buttons are now smarter than ever! 
      • Set up a Buy Now button so when the user clicks on it, it will add the product directly to his cart 
      • And set up another action with a custom link so he will be automatically redirected to the checkout or cart page.
  • Buttons offer now more powerful tools and options to make sure your visitors see it: 
    • Scroll Into View
    • Animation
    • Animation on Hover 
    • Animation on Click 
  • List your features & benefits easily and display an icon next to it. 
  • Show your product’s best angles
    • Add a high-quality image
    • Add a video directly from Youtube or Vimeo
    • Change the display of the photo from left to right in 1 click
  • Add a text or an image badge on your product’s image/video
  • Align your content and set Full Width on/off so it fits perfectly to the shape of your website you designed with EcomSolid

Learn more about how to set up your one-product store

The best Shopify theme editor
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The best Shopify theme editor
for dazzling storefronts and maximum conversions

By Rémi Drogoul

Partnerships @ EcomSolid. He enjoys creating things, including ecommerce businesses, meaningful partnerships, and music.

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