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New Hero Banner Section Released on Ecomsolid!

Only available on the premium plan, discover a new way to convert your users directly when they land on your website!

This is also one of the 8 must-have elements to set up your one-product store.

Where to find it?

Step 1: Open the Library in EcomSolid

Step 2: Make sure you are on the Sections tab and locate the Banner filter on the left sidebar.

Step 3: Scroll down until you find our new Hero Banner. It is easily recognizable with its “PRO” badge on the top right.

Step 4: Click on insert and you are ready to configure it!

All the new features included

  • Smart Buttons:
    • Our buttons are now smarter than ever!
      • Set up a Buy Now button so when the user clicks on it, it will add the product directly to his cart
      • Or set up another action with a custom link so he will be automatically redirected to the checkout or cart page.
    • Buttons offer now more powerful tools and options to make sure your visitors see it:
      • Scroll Into View
      • Animation
      • Animation on Hover
      • Animation on Click
  • Display ratings
    • Use a custom image or display star ratings with a custom text under it to increase your shop’s social proof!
  • List your features & benefits easily and display an icon next to it.
  • Show your product’s best angles:
    • Add a high-quality image
    • Add a video directly from Youtube or Vimeo
    • Add a parallax effect to your image
    • Add a text or an image badge on your product’s image/video
  • Align your content and set Full Width on/off so it fits perfectly to the shape of your website you designed with EcomSolid.

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