Pricing Plan Changes

In this article, we will provide you detailed information about EcomSolid pricing plans to help you choose the most suitable plan for your Shopify business.


Pricing Plan

Currently, EcomSolid provides 3 pricing plans, which are Community, Professional, Premium. Here is the pricing table for you: 

Community PlanProfessional PlanPremium Plan 
For getting startedPerfect for small Shopify storesIdeal for growing Shopify stores

When you install EcomSolid for the first time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy our Professional plan for 20 free-trial days so you can discover and see the amazing capabilities of EcomSolid.

Once your free-trial expires, you can pay to stay with the Professional plan, upgrade to the Premium plan, or downgrade to the Community plan. If you choose to downgrade to the Community plan, features that are only available for the Professional plan will be locked and back to the default style on your published online store. All the customization that you have made during your free-trial time will remain within your account and can be activated if you choose to upgrade to the Professional plan. 

The differences between our 3 pricing plans

There are 5 major differences between our 3 plans, including the Number of Features List, Sales-Booster Add-ons, Customer Support, and Landing Page Builder. 

1. Number of Features List

There are many features included in all our plans, which are: Multiple Layout Options, Advanced Visual Editor, Library, Theme Auto-Updater, SEO Optimization, Speed Optimization, Responsive Theme, Lazy Loading Images, and The Number Of Templates. 

With our 3 paid plans, we provide several advanced features to bring you even more freedom to customize your pages. You can see the detail in the table below:

FeaturesCommunity PlanProfessional PlanPremium Plan
Design SectionsLocked Available Available
Section & Addon ExportLockedAvailableAvailable
Premium TemplatesLockedAvailableAvailable
Premium SectionsLockedAvailableAvailable
Custom Code EditorLockedAvailableAvailable
Replace the Footer BrandingLockedAvailableAvailable
Request Sections CustomizationLockedLocked3 times/ month
Theme Export and BackupLockedLockedAvailable

2. Sales-Booster Add-ons

Sales-Booster Add-on, such as Upsell Quantity Discount and Frequently Bought Together, can help to optimize your conversion rate and bring you amazing results.

With the Professional plan, you can use these add-ons to create 5 custom campaigns and it’s unlimited for our Premium Plan users!

Community PlanProfessional PlanPremium Plan
Upsell Quantity Discount Locked Limited to 5 products Unlimited
Frequently Bought TogetherLockedLimited to 5 productsUnlimited

3. Customer Support

With our Premium Plan, you will be given priority in the list of customers who need support. That means you will get live support in less time

Community PlanProfessional PlanPremium Plan
Live ChatAvailableAvailableAvailable
Priority SupportLockedLockedAvailable

4. Landing Page Builder

This describes the number of landing page you can create with EcomSolid:

Community PlanProfessional PlanPremium Plan
Number of landing pages22040

Frequently Asked Question about EcomSolid plans

Do I have a free trial with your paid plan? 

Yes! When you install EcomSolid for the first time, you’ll have 20 free-trial days with our Professional plan. 

After 20 days, you can pay to stay with the Professional plan, upgrade to our Premium plan, or downgrade to the Community plan.

What if I downgrade? 

If you downgrade to the lower-price plan, all the customization that you have made will remain within your account but will not be visible on your published store anymore.

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