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EcomSolid is now on the Shopify app store
as a Page Builder!

EcomSolid is now on the Shopify app store as a Page Builder!

We are incredibly excited to tell you that EcomSolid is officially on the Shopify App Store – jam-packed with a brand new Page Builder, an updated dashboard, freshly designed templates, and even better pricing options.

Let’s pop the champagne and celebrate with us! For this occasion only, we are offering first 200 Early Birds. Exclusively for new installs, so if you haven’t got the app, there is no better time than now!

Get EcomSolid for Shopify

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Before we dive into the extraordinary features you will experience on this onboarding, we’d love to share a little bit about how EcomSolid means for us and for you – all the E-commerce enthusiasts out there.
“After years of working with merchants all around the world, I figure there must be a better way to create a store that captures the exact look and feel of the brand. And since not everyone is a web design expert - it's our job to make it simple. So that's the story of how EcomSolid is built: to support merchants with a complete codeless design solution.”
Chris Cao, Founder of EcomSolid
Chris Gems
Founder of EcomSolid

The 2-in-1 Storefront Builder

EcomSolid is currently the only Theme & Page Builder on the market to deliver a seamless e-commerce design experience to every aspect of your store. You will have a visual editor with as much flexibility as any page builder can offer, but displayed as blocks for easy customization and management.

Powered with All Theme Essentials

EcomSolid Theme Builder, Shopify theme

Let’s face it. Traditional themes have very few customization options. You can upload your products, tweak fonts and color, and work within the fixed layout. For those who need more customization than that, you will either need to add liquid code or install third-party apps (don’t overuse – they can break your site).

That’s the problem EcomSolid has been solving – by offering a way to create well-designed stores while still staying code-free.

Packed with everything you need in an online store, the EcomSolid theme allows quick customization with the visual editor and hundreds of layout options for page elements. It won’t take more than a day to set up your store and start selling – that’s dozens of hours saved right there.

From Home to Checkout, here are all the pages that come fully designed:

  • Home page
  • Product pages 
  • Collection pages
  • Blog pages
  • Article pages
  • Cart page
  • Search page
  • Password page
  • 404 page

The icing on top? No matter what your winning products are, we have an industry-focused theme template that fits – from fashion, technology, kid to accessories, health & beauty.

Just pick a theme template, custom however you want with sections, colors, typography, and add some built-in addons magic, your store is ready to turn into a sales magnet!

Plus a Swift Page Builder

EcomSolid Page Builder

And with our latest release – the EcomSolid Page Builder – let’s go beyond the theme limit! 

While themes only grant a default template to pages like product, collection, or blog – page builders give you the power to diversify it. Our native page builder can build up to five versatile types: product, landing, collection, blog, and even article pages. And more importantly, it adapts to any Shopify themes out there!

When you go to the EcomSolid Dashboard, you’ll see the Page Builder right below the Theme Builder – that’s the place to go.

Simply choose a page type, mix & match the beautifully crafted sections from our library and then customize them directly in the left sidebar. 

First heard of the Page Builder?

Design with EcomSolid

EcomSolid visual editor

Now it’s time to take a closer look at all the whys designing with EcomSolid is so dynamic – for both web beginners and experts.

We make store design simple for everyone

With the block-based approach in our visual editor, you can:

  • Save time and effort with tons of pre-designed theme templates, page templates, and many building blocks that are responsive on any device.
  • Integrate with your favorite apps on Shopify such as Ali Reviews, Loox Reviews, WideBundle, and much more.
  • And finally, boost conversions with our built-in addons.

But also willing to take a step further

Blocks do have borders, but there are no limits on what you can create with them. Take the store visuals to the next level with:

  • The Advanced Mode to fine-tune all the elements inside a section
  • Custom code for any tweaks outside of the pre-built options
  • And if you need something tailor-made, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated support team!

So what’s next?

Together with the launch on Shopify, we’ve also given our pricing plans a comprehensive look! Three-tier pricing plans with new names: Launch, Growth and Advanced to accompany you every step of the way.

After much excitement and suspense, we want to thank you – our fellow community members, for being with us on this journey. EcomSolid on Shopify is just the beginning. Over the next few months, lots of updates and features will be rolling out.  

Don’t forget to grab the 50% Early Birds discount (with 30-day money-back guarantee) while it lasts! You’re only one click away to EcomSolid – where the next great store awaits.

We also prepared something special for newcomers from Product Hunt. Come say “Hi” and give us some feedback! 

P/S: Check out the Landing Page – 100% Made by EcomSolid.

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