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How To Set Up & Customize Shopify Coming Soon Page For Big Impacts (2 Easy Methods)

You start a business or product and plan to launch it on Shopify; you want the interest of potential customers to amplify your reach before opening, then you will need a pre-launch page that can quickly gain traction, gather feedback, and start marketing. 

That page is a Shopify Coming Soon Page!

In this article, we will discuss Shopify Coming Soon Page and the way to optimize it for maximum impact.

First, let’s look at the fastest way you can edit your Shopify Coming Soon page.

1. How to set up your Shopify Coming Soon Page

Below is the step-by-step instruction on how you can choose a theme and edit the details on a default Shopify Password Protect page (also called a Coming Soon page). You can change the given text into your own words as well as the header into your own logo.

Step 1: Set up a Shopify store password

set up a Shopify store password

On your Shopify Dashboard, go to Online Store > Preferences. Scroll to the Password protection area, enter the password that you’ll give to the customers who you want to be able to access your online store. Click Save.

Step 2: Build a Shopify password page with your theme

Build a password page with your Shopify theme

Return to your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes. Find the theme you want to use and click Customize, after that you select Password Page from the top bar drop-down menu.

Step 3: Edit Shopify password page details

Shopify’s default theme editor allows editing the following settings to make your coming soon page more satisfying:
Change the message, the message size and color.
Upload your own Logo, set a Logo Width.
Change background color, background image overlay, overlay opacity, background image.
Change the signup form color.

Step 4: Finishing

After finish editing, simply click Save to apply.

If you’re using Shopify’s free trial, the coming soon page will be on by default and can’t be disabled. Until you choose one of Shopify’s plans, you can remove password protection and take down the password page by unchecking Enable password and clicking on Save.

However, Shopify provides a very simple page with basic formatting so if you want to customize it further in order to impress customers and acquire leads, consider the design tips and solutions below.

2. How to customize the Shopify Coming Soon Page to acquire customers

Examples of successful coming soon pages

Many businesses use this approach to launching e-commerce stores, products, and brands. Here we will give you some examples of successful coming soon pages:

Examples of successful coming soon pages

Soma’s coming soon page helped them get funded at over $147K.

Examples of successful coming soon pages

The pre-launch campaign helped Saha grab 20K signups with a 94% referral rate.

Examples of successful coming soon pages

Harry’s Coming Soon Page gathered nearly 100,000 emails.

All marketing needs a destination and your coming soon page is that destination— until you’re ready to launch.

What to put on your Coming Soon page

There are 3 elements that you should remember before customizing to attract more customers using your Shopify coming soon page:

  • Powerful content: Content is always an important part of digital marketing efforts, so the first thing to gain interest is to build a powerful content for your Coming Soon Page. 

Let’s create a compelling headline, keep your copy on point by explaining what is “coming soon” and when as well as creating a strong Call to Action. You may also use this space to create a sense of urgency if the incentive will disappear on or before launch.

What to put on your Coming Soon page

Retail Addict creates great content with Headline, Call to Action and Launch Schedule.

  • Live chat widget : You can add a live chat widget, like Tidio Live Chat or Shopify Chat, in order to allow your visitors to reach you to get more information or to give feedback. Besides, opening a line of communication through email or chat may also help.
What to put on your Coming Soon page

Tonytun opens a chat line through email.

  • Social sharing buttons: If people like your idea, they might share it with their friends or networks, so you should make it easy for them by including social sharing buttons. 
What to put on your Coming Soon page

Turbo Store adds social sharing buttons to their Coming Soon page.

You can use a contest & giveaway app to offer an additional entry for every social action a visitor takes. Another popular way to create a viral loop is by adding a referral marketing widget to your page to offer different tiers of rewards depending on how many referrals a person generates for you.

How to easily customize your Shopify Coming Soon Page

There are two ways to get about editing your Shopify Coming Soon Page and adding the essential elements that you need.

Solution #1: Edit code

  • Step 1: Click on “Theme Actions” and open the “Edit Code” tab to make changes to the code file.
Edit Shopify coming soon page code
  • Step 2: Locate and add code to the password.liquid files. This includes password-content.liquid, password-header.liquid and password-footer.liquid
Edit Shopify coming soon page code

Solution #2: Try a Shopify Coming Soon app 

If the solution above seems too technical and you’re afraid to mess things up. No worries, you can also use a page builder app available on Shopify app store to easily set things up. 

Install Shopify Theme EcomSolid and optimize your store

Here is a list of 3 best Shopify Coming Soon apps to choose from:

  1. Gempages Flexible Page Builder by Seal Commerce Asia
  2. Under Construction Coming Soon by Identix web
  3. Pre‑launcher / Coming soon by onltrapp

Read this article to understand in more details how to build a landing page with Gempages Page Builder.

4. What is a Shopify Coming Soon Page?

A coming soon page (also called a Shopify password protect page) is a placeholder that greets your customers who visits your Shopify store before your launch. 

The coming soon page offers you the ability to:

  • Give potential customers a heads-up: Make a beeline for your potential customers to have them lined up to order your product.
  • Get a head start on your marketing campaign: You can start on building a social media following and email list that are beneficial for your marketing strategy before and after launching.
  • Get early feedback on your store: Put your concept in front of would-be customers and use their feedback to inform how you build out your idea.

Read other articles in our Shopify store optimization blog to explore more tips and what you need for a high-converting Shopify store.

By Stella Ha Do

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