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7 Best Shopify Themes for Single-Product Stores

Let’s say that you are planning to build a one-product store and looking for the most suitable theme to start with. Some very common questions we get a lot from our customers are: 

  • How do I know which Shopify themes are best for me?
  • What theme should I choose when there are 1000 Shopify themes available?
  • Should I use a multi-purpose theme or a specific theme for a one-product store?
  • What should I choose between free and paid Shopify Themes?
Top 7 Shopify Theme
Shopify Theme

If you have these questions in your mind, don’t worry. You will ask a lot of questions yourself and you should do so because choosing the right theme is crucial to the success of your store. In this article, we will help you analyze both the outstanding features and limitations of the 7 most popular Shopify themes for a one-product store. After that, you can make your own decision.

7 Best Shopify themes


52% positive review

If you want your product photographs to be the highlight of your eCommerce store website, then the Boundless theme is ideal for you. With this Shopify theme, the focus is on putting your favorite photographs front and center. Therefore, if you are a fan of minimalistic design or just want a very simple one-product store website, you can choose this theme. 


  • Optimized for large images
  • Slideshow with fading effect
  • Sticky navigation
  • Single product gallery
  • Full-width collection images – rare for Shopify themes
The GoodThe Bad
– Free modern and professional design
– Optimized for large images and features full-width collection images
– 2 style included: Black&White; Vibrant
– Not so many design options. 
For example, there’s only one option for image-related homepage sections, the ‘image with text’ section.
– Many features are limited. If you want to use it, you have to pay extra. 
For example, The main navigation only allows one sub-level of navigation. If you want more, you need to buy a menu app for $10 per month

We recommend it to: Small one-product store with low-volume

Some stores using Boundless: Black Steel; Epikgo; Ektarfa

Price: Free

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46% positive review

Debut is Shopify’s signature theme, designed to showcase your brand and product. This theme is best for those looking to feature a single-product with a wide range of showcasing features. 


  • Multilevel menu for easy navigation
  • Product recommendation sections
  • Easy product filtering
  • Predictive search
The GoodThe Bad
– Free modern and good looking design
– It includes unique homepage sections like a logo list and text columns with images.
– Sometimes there are minor bugs that cannot be handled
For example, some customers complained that the slide images in their website went grey for no reason
– Not mobile-friendly. Many of the homepage sections don’t seem to be responsive on mobile.

We recommend it to: One-product store owners who just want a simple store and don’t need too much customization

Some stores using Debut: Maison M Floral; Blue Heron Yarns; Francois La Manille

Price: Free


84% positive review

This is a Kickstarter-style Shopify theme designed to turn startups into successful stores. The creator of this theme has designed it smartly so that you can not only sell your products but also run a crowdfunding campaign for your product.


  • Optimized for single-product stores
  • Designed for your crowdfunding campaign
  • Home page video
  • Modular-style home page
  • Customizable color gradient
The GoodThe Bad
– Look slick, clean and professional
– Can add custom code if necessary which is rare for Shopify themes
– Good customer support
– 3 style included: Cool; Fresh; Bold
If you do not have the basic knowledge of code, you cannot optimize many factors.
Therefore, to take full advantage of this theme, you should have a developer on your team. 

We recommend it to: For startups who want to launch products and have plans to raise crowdfunding

Some stores using Launch: Snooz; Sensorymill; Artisteria

Price: $180


95% positive review

This is a new game-changer in the field of one-product stores theme. With unlimited options, EcomSolid Shopify Theme gives you the power to create the best one-product store. It is a Shopify theme that you can configure in a countless number of ways, thanks to multiple layouts and section options. More than that, EcomSolid Theme is designed with a bundle of sales-booster addons that optimize your conversion rate and take your sales to the next level. 


  • Intuitive Visual Editor. Just drag and drop, don’t need to have experience in coding.
  • Ultimate Layout Options
  • Skyrocket your sales with numerous sales-booster Addons.
  • Live theme updater. Update your store features & designs to new versions without worrying about updating code
The GoodThe Bad
– Offer a visual editor with a real-time preview
– Fully compatible with 3rd-party apps like Oberlo, Product Reviews app, and GemPages.
– A dedicated 24/7 Live Chat, to answer any of your technical questions and to help you focus on what is important: Marketing your product
– Have a free version to try
– Although EcomSolid is a potential candidate, it’s still a new player on the market. Therefore, there are still bugs occurring sometimes, but the development team is very active in making it better with new features and updates. 

-A monthly price can be a problem for you. But with EcomSolid, you pay one pricing for not only a great Shopify theme but many sales booster apps which normally cost you about $200 per month when your store grows.

We recommend it to: In fact, EcomSolid can fit into all one-store products. If you want to design the look & feel of your stores the way you want, you want your store to be unique and you believe that your store will grow big, EcomSolid is the best candidate for you. 

Some stores using EcomSolid: CannyCollars; Humlida; Woof&Barc

Price: There are 2 versions:

  • Community: Free (Forever)
  • Premium: $19/month


97% positive review

Maker is a single product Shopify theme that follows all the trends and regulations of the modern web. All three styles of this theme have a big, bold imagery section so that you can showcase your one-product elegantly in this theme. 


  • Optimized for single-product stores
  • Multiple slideshows
  • Large, unique image panels
  • Optimized search engine
The GoodThe Bad
– Easy to use and customize (even with little coding experience)
– Simple, elegant design
– Good customer support
– 3 styles included: Bloom; Fashion; Books
Theme updates aren’t applied automatically to stores on Shopify so have to be made manually

We recommend it to: Suitable for lifestyle products, with lots of beautiful and high quality product images. 

Some stores using Maker: Don’t Blow It; Polka Pants

Price: $180


89% positive review

Startup is a modular layout theme that is designed for one-product stores. Especially, the creator of this theme has designed the homepage smartly so that your audience can buy your product directly from the homepage.


  • Optimized for single-product stores
  • Modular-style home page
  • Home page video
  • FAQ page template available
The GoodThe Bad
– Clean, beautiful design, and easy to navigate.
– Have flexibility with colors and fonts
– 4 styles included: Home, Tech, Cloth, Travel
– Customer service is not always helpful
– Not very customization friendly
For example, They limit the number of blocks you can put on the front page

We recommend it to: Stores with high-value products, need to look professional without too much customization

Some stores using Startup: Basal Goods; Herbivore; Moments of Light

Price: $180


86% positive review

This is a high-quality Shopify theme aimed to promote a single product or a product line. They have created a design that highlights shops in many different areas such as handmade products, cosmetics, drinks, watches, electronics devices…


  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Quickly view product sections
  • Powerful filter system in collections, Ajax cart, customer testimonials…
  • Drag and Drop Section
The GoodThe Bad
– Easy to set up for a beginner
– Many design options to choose: 4 styles of product pages, 3 styles of blog-type pages,…
– Good customer support
– There are a few bugs after stalling
– With the regular license, you only have six-month support. After that, you need to pay extra money to extend support. 

We recommend it to: Suitable for simple products for everyday needs

Some stores using Enercos: Luvima; Trish Gayle; Stop-the-Fire

Price: $48 (Regular License)


We hope that this article, by giving you a more multi-dimensional look at the popular Shopify themes for today’s one-product store, will help you narrow down your selection process. Here are a few other tips that you should keep in mind whenever you choose a theme for your website:

  • Remember to make a list of the features you want ahead of time;
  • Make sure the Shopify theme you choose is mobile-friendly;
  • Test the theme thoroughly before making a purchase;

As an insider, we understand that you will need to consider a lot when choosing a theme for your store. Although there are already many good themes out there, we still decided to create EcomSolid with many outstanding features that will help you solve real problems and take your store to a new level. Try it today here

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